Goodbye 5KF — 17th Jul 2020

Goodbye 5KF

Hello 5KF Happy Summer Holidays!
What a year it has been. I think it took us all by surprise! One we won’t forget in a while! I have had such an amazing year being your class teacher and I have enjoyed every minute of it. You have been absolute superstars and you should be very proud of yourself. Well done on making it through a very strange Year 5. I hope you are all looking forward to Year 6 and the adventures to come.
Have a lovely summer break make sure that you get lots of rest and have some fun along the way! 
See you all next year! 
Miss Flynn 

Year 5 books —

Year 5 books

Hi 5KF parents and carers,

At the end of the day, I will leave the year 5 exercise books at the office for any children who have not been in school and taken them home already. They will be available to be collected until Tuesday 21st when they will be disposed of. I hope you will be able to collect them to see all the amazing work your children did in the first half of year 5!

Miss Flynn

Happy summer holidays —
Class contact — 15th Jul 2020

Class contact

Hello parents/carers of 5KF

A parent in 5KF has a what’s app group set up for 5KF but not all parents/carers are in the group. If you would like to be involved in the group would you please email parent communications to confirm your details can be passed on to the parent in charge of the what’s app.

Thanks Miss Flynn

Good morning 15.7.20 —
Good morning 14.7.20 — 14th Jul 2020
Year 5 Books To Take Home — 13th Jul 2020

Year 5 Books To Take Home

Hi 5KF and parents/carers,
If you are in school at the moment for morning or afternoon school, please bring a bag on Friday to take home all your books from year 5. If you have not been coming into school, your books will be available in the office for you to collect on Monday and Tuesday next week (20th and 21st July). After then, you will not be able to get them.
Miss Flynn

Good morning 13/7/20 —
Teacher for next year — 10th Jul 2020
Happy Friday 10.6.20 —
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